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Strap in!  It’s going to be a hilarious ride!

Starting on February 1st, Your Laugh Line begins its official search to find the funniest books written in 2017.  It’s like a quest for the Holy Grail (Monty Python or otherwise) but more important!  Our hope is that this book is so funny that it will end all war.

Okay.  Maybe not.

But we are looking for the best, hilarious books written last year. 

The contest has two components. One is a Reader’s Choice Award. Readers can log onto https://yourlaughline.com/vote and enter the author and book of their choice. The author who receives the most reader votes will win $250 and an assortment of promotional help from Your Laugh Line.
The other component is an adjudicated contest for books submitted by authors and/or their publishers.  The form is available at https://yourlaughline.com/laugh-line-humorous-book-awards.  The cost to enter the competition is $20 per book. Those books will be judged by a panel of expert book reviewers. The winning author will receive $500, plus an assortment of promotional help from Your Laugh Line.
Authors can enter the competition between February 1st and April 30th.  Reader’s Choice voting runs from February 2nd to August 15th.  Books making it past the first round will be announced on July 1, second round list on August 1, and the final winner on September 1. Honorable mentions will be made for category-specific books.
Author or reader – come and help us find last year’s funniest book! 
About Your Laugh Line

Your Laugh Line was created to help funny authors find an audience who appreciates funny books. Knowing the power of laughter to help alleviate stress, to provide the necessary mental distraction to give the brain a break, and to make people feel silly, Your Laugh Line is committed to making the world a better place through humorous books.

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MONSTER - a haunting tale looking into the age old argument of “nature vs. nurture” - is a new horror film from Purgatory Pictures. With casting by Andrew Lynford CSA (Eastenders), the film stars Rod Glenn (The Hippopotamus, American Assassin), Tracy Shaw (Coronation Street), Laura Ellen Wilson (The Singing Bird Will Come) and Tony Cook (Kingsman: The Golden Circle, Cain Hill) with Clair Buckley (The Comedian’s Guide to Survival) and Danielle Harold (Eastenders). Principle filming completed  January 15th!
The film, successfully crowdfunded on Kickstarter within the first 24 hours, is the feature length directorial debut by horror author Matt Shaw (Sick B*stards), who penned the original book along with co-author Michael Bray (Whisper). With the pair of them teaming up once again to adapt the best-selling story, MONSTER promises to be a horror film for the real fans of the genre and to ensure the script was as tight as possible, they even roped in horror mastermind Shaun Hutson (Slugs) to act as a script consultant!
MONSTER tells the harrowing tale of Richard, Mary and Andrew - a family of three. On the outside, Mary and Richard appear normal and their son, a deformed hulk of a 7 foot monster rarely seen. Look closer though and see the true monsters as controlling Richard bullies his family into living the life he wants. 
MONSTER ON IMDB: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt6840904/?ref_=nm_knf_i2
Support here:

Starring Tracy Shaw (Coronation Street) as you have NEVER seen her before, Rod Glenn and Eastender’s Danielle Harold - along with Laura Ellen Wilson, Tony Cook and Clair Buckley - MONSTER is a dark horror based on a book of the same name. The book itself has been translated into German and Japanese (available in all major bookstores in Japan) as well as topping Amazon’s horror charts when it was first released.


"He's there, standing in the doorway. Seven foot tall, a face hidden beneath a mask of stretched, rotting skin. He isn't saying anything. He's just watching me, his head cocked to one side as though judging me. I pulled on the restraints but they didn't budge. I was trapped. I was his prisoner. I asked him what he wanted but he just repeated my sentence in a childish voice. I asked him for a second time and, for a second time, he repeated me. When I screamed, he screamed, raising his hands to his ears and closing his eyes as though my panicked yelling scared him. Who is he? What does he want with me? I begged for him to let me go and he responded by repeating me - again - word for word. Frustrated I started screaming. He turned and ran from the room. He didn't go far though. I can hear him out there. I can hear his heavy, wheezy breathing. A couple of seconds went by and he stuck his head around the corner. He didn't move from that spot. He just stood there, watching me once more.”
The film is currently being edited ahead of seeking distribution. For people who wish to get involved  check out the indiegogo campaign below, there are some amazing perks, such as prosthetics used on the set, keyrings, tickets to the premiere, and even the costumes that Tracy Shaw wore during the filming.  



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TERRY GRIMWOOD HAS A Way to Live Forever

Author terry Grimwood and Black Shuck Books have just announced details of their latest publication, There is a Way to Live Forever .  A collection 0f 13 short stories of a  dark dystopia nature, the book is now available for pre-order from Black Shuck Books 
Only pick up a stranger if you can face your demons…and hers
Only stay with your lover if you can give yourself body and soul
Only sell your flesh if you can bear humiliation, pain and the deepest darkness
Only play God if you can endure the unutterable loneliness of the Divine
Thirteen excursions into the shadowlands that border the known and the terrors that lie beyond
Author of Deadside RevolutionBloody War and The Exaggerated Man

CREEPMAKER STUDIOS signs a production deal with DARKSIDE RELEASING for a slate of four films

Creepmaker Studios, a new italian production company focusing on micro/low budget horror, action, dark comedy and thriller genres, has announced a production deal with canadian Darkside Releasing to develop a slate of four genre films. The first two are scheduled to go into production in 2018.

"The Weak" directed by Tiziano Cella (Subject 0: Shattered Memories, Red Net) is a supernatural horror about three friends who go for a one-week trip to Italy, discovering a sanctuary in the woods and awakening an ancient satanic force, while "Fuck You Immortality" will mark the feature-length debut of italian genre director Federico Scargiali: in the film a couple of old hippies are searching for Joe, a long time friend from the '70s who seem to be stuck in time and never aged a day since then. Through technicolor ninjas, bizarre metalheads, shamans and ancient rituals, the couple embark on a journey with no turning back.

Creepmaker's founder and producer Alan M. Cossettini commented: "We couldn't be more excited about our collaboration with Darkside Releasing, they totally embraced our vision, we have some great projects coming. Our first two features are currently under pre-production, we are actually casting and searching for the last locations. Get prepared for some craziest, frightening, challenging and offbeat films ever!"

Darkside Releasing was Co-Founded by Vince D’Amato and Nicole Hancock D’Amato (the producers for the midnight-movie production company Creepy Six Films in Vancouver). Vince and Nicole have a sixteen-year background in making and distributing independent genre films. Their film catalogue include titles as Troma's "Return To Nuke 'Em High" (Vol. 1 & 2), Ron Bonk's "She Kills", and the recent Drew Marvick's "Pool Party Massacre", among many others.

Beside these two upcoming titles, Creepmaker Studios and Darkside Releasing are also working on "Meathead", an '80s inspired horror about a metalhead turning into a hideously deformed and shapeless meat creature, and "Take Away Meltdown", a black comedy/body horror where customers of a local chinese restaurant literally melt on their new menu.

All films have been presented at this year's AFM and will hit Berlin and Cannes film markets soon.

Sulphur for Leviathan to Haunt the Festival Circui

Sodom & Chimera Productions has debuted the first trailer and new stills for Sulphur for Leviathan, the 13 minute companion piece to last year's The Temple of Lilith.   

Sulphur for Leviathan is the newest blending of arthouse and horror from experimental filmmaker James Quinn, who proudly stated, "Sulphur for Leviathan is a film that started out purely as an idea of rage. An outcry of anger against the anti-rationalism of the Catholic church, in this case not the more widely discussed controversies such as reoccurring cases of pedophilia and abuse, but rather the many moral codes they like to preach, like the commonly known 'turn the other cheek'. While that may sound like a rather aggressive reason for a film, it is in its essence nothing but a piece of food for thought, intended to raise some questions about tough moral decisions that would be executed in a vastly different way outside of the religious concept."
Sulphur for Leviathan stars Susan M. Martin as The Nun, known for Plank Faceand Space Babes from Outer Space, as well as Jerry Larew as Lucifer, widely known for his portrayal of Alfie in the She Was So Pretty films. Other roles include Craig Long as Satan, and Joseph Knapik, head of the Columbus Zombie Walk, as a demon priest.

The score was created by composer Leanna Primiani, who recently worked on the award winning horror short The Daughters of Virtue. The film also features music by the band Come to Grief, a Doom/Sludge Metal band from Boston, whose song Killed by Life was used for the end credits.

PopHorror Presents: the anti-valentines ball 

Roses will rot and hearts will blee

PopHorror’s Anti-Valentine’s Ball is the perfect night for single people or couples who hate all the usual romantic fluff forced upon us every February.
PopHorror are masters at twisting shiny pop into twisted cabaret with their residency at The RVT and at this special event they are turning their dark sorcery to all things Love & Romance. 
Guests can partake in games like Speed Hating, Plenty More Fishing, Power Ballad Group Karaoke, Blind Hate and the Damaged Goods Tombola. They will also enjoy devilishly dark and witty performances from the best cabaret, drag and alternative performers in London. Plus there will be fine pop, indie and alternative music from DJs Paul Joseph & Neil Prince.
Hosted by:
Tracy Barlow! Rhys’ Pieces AKA The Phoenix!
Breda Von Teese presents Nurse Dystentery!
With performances by:
Evelyn Carnate! Pi The Mime! 
Juliet Sugg! Bethany Haven! Chloe Rose! Fruit!
Speed Hating! Killer Cupids! Dating Disasters!
Twisted Tango! Aunt Agony! Damaged Goods!
Music from:
Special guest Neil Prince (Power Brunch, R & She) 
& Paul Joseph (PopHorror, Athena)

PopHorror’s Anti-Valentine’s Ball will be the perfect night out for mates, dates, lovers and haters – just make sure you leave all the lovey-dovey stuff at the door. 
Date:                   Wednesday 14th February 2018
Venue:        The Royal Vauxhall Tavern 
Address:     372 Kennington Lane, London SE11 5HY
Times:         Doors 7pm. Shows and activities from 8pm and throughout the night. Booze, disco and dancing til midnight and beyond.
Tickets:       £7 Advance (£6 early bird) Click here to purchase 
£10 on the door (£8 concessions)
PopHorror started in 2016 at The RVT, producing horror and pop music themed cabaret shows. 2017 shows included The Cher Witch Project, Madonna’s Papa Don’t Screech and the Kylie Special, I Should Be So Chucky. They have also produced immersive event nights Horror Prom! and Camp Friday 13th at Bethnal Green Working Men’s Club, as well as PopSéance, a Halloween spectacular featuring performances from dead pop stars. 
Tracy Barlow
Tracy Barlow is currently detained in the Paul O'Grady Maximum Detention Centre where she runs a blog campaigning for the legalising of human/dog marriage. Her hobbies include homicide, the dark web and disco music.
Breda Von Teese
"Looking forward to a venereal Valentines Day? Come along to Nurse Dysentery's NHS Drop-In Clinic, where you can have the consequences of your hedonistic Christmas forcibly removed.
Rhys’ Pieces AKA The Phoenix
Rhys’ Pieces is a one person performance troop. Formerly known as The Phoenix this powerhouse performer delivers pure fire through high energy through to liquid ice and everything between.
Chloe Rose
Don't be shady 'cos she's a real lady! Winner of "Not Another Drag Competition Season 4" Miss Chloe Rose is here to give us all a real, hard lesson in love. 
Fruit loves to find ingenious ways to deliver (un)wholesome, raw and juicy performances. So if you’re lucky enough to sit in the splash zone, expect at least 1 of your 5 daily portions. #eatmybanana
Evelyn Carnate
A playful, powerful & fabulously unpredictable shapeshifting showgirl. A little imp in disguise with a naughty sense of humour who can go from sweet to subversive, sensual to downright twisted in seconds.
Pi The Mime
Pi doesn't live in this world. Care to join him in his? Gender-bending, crowd pleasing, award winning, genre defying individual with a passion for making people think, feel but, most of all, smile. 
Bethany Haven
Bethany is a fresh comedic drag talent who serves bad hair, great lip synching and bucket-loads of sass.
Juliet Sugg
Juliet fuses authorial illustration with performance and installation creating 'live' graphic novels. Her work purposefully straddles boundaries of classification, creating strange and often confrontational imagery, which may appear sugary on first glance only to reveal disquieting undertones.
Paul Joseph
Paul is the creator and producer of PopHorror. He also promotes and DJs at the ‘80s night, ATHENA at Eagle London, and co-wrote the most recent RVT Panto, Goosed.
Neil Prince
Neil is one of the most popular DJs on London’s queer scene. He is promoter and DJ at R and She, DJ at Power Brunch and was DJ for Bananarama’s recent UK reunion tour.
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):
I don’t like gory horror movies – is this night for me?
Don’t worry, PopHorror is a fun night that playfully features characters from the 70s, 80s and 90s (more ‘cabin in the woods’ than ‘tortured at a hostel’). And you’re more likely to see Jason, Chucky and Freddy Krueger belting out Madonna tunes than terrifying teenagers.
It’s a school night and I need my beauty sleep! What time does it finish?
PopHorror’s performances finish by 10.30pm, and start at 8pm, and The RVT is two minutes’ walk from Vauxhall Tube, Overground and bus station. Plenty of time to get home to bed and start the day fresh.
I don’t get it – how does it blend pop music with horror movies?
Let me give you some examples. At our Kylie special “I Should be so Chucky” the fabulous drag queen Eileen Bothways performed the pop hit “I’m Spinning Around” dressed as Regan from The Exorcist (check out the photos here). During our ‘90s night “I Spit on Your Rave”, drag queen Meth performed Eternal’s ‘Power of a Woman’ as Frankenstein’s Bride during reanimation.
So it’s a drag show then?
Not quite. There’s also hilarious video mash-ups, games and quizzes if you’re really keen – but audience participation is not compulsory. Plus there’s great DJs on until midnight if you fancy a boogie. We’ve also done special events at the Bethnal Green Working Men’s Club that have been more immersive: the Horror Prom, Camp Friday 13th, and the PopSéance, where we brought back dead singers for one more song at the end of 2016.
Is it a gay night? I’m a straight woman wanting a night out with some mates.
While there’s something clearly queer about PopHorror it’s by no means a gay-only event. Our Horror Prom welcomed not just one, but three hen groups. And our Prom Queen competition was won by a straight bloke! We welcome everybody who wants a unique night out (and with possibly a ridiculous sense of humour). 
Why have you mixed pop music with horror movies?
Why not? But seriously – they are both hugely popular but often derided art forms, and we love them equally. Creator and producer Paul Joseph soon found that mashing them together has hilarious results – such as his video mash-up of Jamie Lee Curtis surviving Horror Movies cut to Gloria Gaynor’s ‘I Will Survive’,  or an edit of every Final Destination death in reverse, set to ‘If I Could Turn Back Time’
Is there anything else like this in London?
Not a chance! There’s even nothing like it in Bristol, where we also do shows. If you love pop music OR you love horror movies OR you just want a night out with guaranteed giggles then give us a try.
Is it only drag queens who perform?
Not at all – PopHorror features a mix of drag queens, drag kings, biological drag queens and performance artists, as well a regular open mike slot (The First Girl) for newcomers.
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ginger nuts of horror news round up


Lucy Hale (Pretty Little Liars) and Tyler Posey (Teen Wolf) lead the cast of Blumhouse’s Truth or Dare, a supernatural thriller from Blumhouse Productions (Happy Death Day, Get Out, Split).  A harmless game of “Truth or Dare” among friends turns deadly when someone—or something—begins to punish those who tell a lie—or refuse the dare.
Directed by Jeff Wadlow (Kick-Ass 2), the thriller co-stars Violett Beane, Nolan Gerard Funk, Hayden Szeto and Sophia Taylor Ali.  The film was produced by Blumhouse’s Jason Blum and executive produced by Wadlow.
Genre: Supernatural Thriller         
Cast: Lucy Hale, Tyler Posey, Violett Beane, Nolan Gerard Funk, Hayden Szeto, Sophia Taylor Ali
Directed by: Jeff Wadlow
Screenplay by: Michael Reisz and Jillian Jacobs & Chris Roach & Jeff Wadlow
Story by: Michael Reisz
Produced by: Jason Blum
Executive Producer: Jeff Wadlow


Agatha is a short ten-minute horror film that packs in more creepiness, and insidious dread than most movies manage these days.  A simple tale of an 1800's street urchin paid to bring food to a room each day, with the strict instruction, do no venture past the dresser in the in the room. As she brings the food tot eh room, her interest and curiosity are magnified with each delivery.  Who is the mysterious occupant of the room, and why do they like to eat raw meat.  

This is a simple yet highly effective ten-minute film.  Apart from the brief discussion at the start of the film where the owner of the house sets out her instructions to the street urchin, there is no more dialogue in the film.  A clever move as the viewer becomes wrapped up in the sense of wondrous, curious fear that the urchin feels as she goes about her duties.  Why is the person chained, why is room in such disrepair, and why do they only eat raw meat.  

The film cleverly utilises and almost Groundhog day narrative, where we repeatedly are shown a shot of her bring the food in, picking up the used the plate from the day before and then getting paid in pocket change by the owner of the house.  But with each repeat of the shot, we are teased with a little bit more information as to what is going on.  

The film is helped by some excellent cinematography and a great lighting of the set both of which add to the claustrophobic feel of the movie.  Despite not having any lines the young actress gives a strong performance and carries the film admirably.  

The final reveal, while might be apparent to some seasoned horror films is nevertheless satisfying and handled well.   Overall this an effective chiller, that shows a lot of promise for future films from the writer / director.  


Vulcanello Productions presents a celebration of the works of cult American Horror writer, H.P. Lovecraft.

Building on the success of productions such as Hidden Basement’s “Shadow Over Innsmouth” and Vulcanello’s own genderswitched “Mountains of Madness” at the London Horror Festival, this week-long event showcases seven different shows, including two world premieres, for fans of Cthulu, tentacled horrors, creeping insanity from other dimensions, and other lightly baked elements of the Lovecraft Mythos.

Among the works of Lovecraft adapted for this event are: The Shadow Over Innsmouth (in two versions: one interactive, one comedy), The Thing on the Doorstep, At The Mountains of Madness, and Pickman’s Model. Inspired from the mythos (of things creeping into our world from beyond) is “The Dead, LIve;” and for something completely different there is a live, audience-inspired horror improvisational group, “The Society of Strange.” Each show will be on for two performances, except for “The Dead, Live” which is Sunday matinee only. Participating companies are: The Other Realm, Vulcanello Productions, Hidden Basement Productions, Scytheplays Limited, Raising Ashes Theatre, and Extempore Theater. Each show is approximately one hour long making it easy to have a double-header night of theater.

“The fans made it clear they want more,” says festival founder T..L Wiswell.” Lovecraft is fun to watch on stage. And for people who make theater AND love the mythos, this is a great chance to geek out like there’s no tomorrow. There are several Lovecraft conventions in the US, such as NecronomiCon and CthuluCon … I was sure there was enough support in London to justify six straight nights of this. It’s not really going to get the Donmar audience but we know the fans are out there, occasionally masquerading as a part of human society.”

See:  http://www.londonlovecraft.com/


6-7 February
7:00 PM: Raising Ashes’ “A Nightmare in Ashcroft” - World Premiere
9:00 PM: The Society of Strange - Audience inspired improv horror by members of Showstoppers, the Improvised Musical

8-9 February
7:00 PM: Vulcanello Productions’ “The Thing on the Doorstep: Asenath’s Tale” - World Premiere
9:00 PM: The Other Realm’s “Pickman’s Model”
10:00 PM: Special appearance by Cthulu himself, doing his lounge act (as channeled by Tom Baker) - free with tickets to Pickman’s Model

10-11 February
7:00 PM Saturday and 6:00 PM Sunday: Vulcanello Production’s genderswitched “Mountains of Madness”
9:00 PM Saturday and 8:00 PM Sunday: Hidden Basement’s “The Shadow Over Innsmouth”
3:30 PM Sunday ONLY: Scytheplay’s The Dead, Live

Additional information on the world premiere plays:

The festival opens with a world premiere, Raising Ashes’ Theatre’s “A Nightmare in Ashcroft,” at 7 PM 6-7 February (two nights)  They describe it as follows:

“Something strange is going on in Ashcroft Collier (Tyne and Wear, England). Inspector LeGrasse has been tasked with the interrogation of some of the more "reasonable" inhabitants of a small shipping town, as part of wider police proceedings. But all is not as it seems. Are the audience really who they claim to be, what are the motives of the helpful Reverend Heath, and what are these dreams the inspector keeps having, and how are they linked to this small shadowed town?

“Our immersive production, loosely based on A Shadow Over Innsmouth, makes the audience members unwitting members of Cthulhu's cult. They're all in on it, and all intent on driving Abigail LeGrasse to the brink of madness. We hope to implicate the audience so much that they join in the final chant; Cthulhu F'htagn!

“H.P. Lovecraft once supposed that mankind's greatest fear, was the fear of the unknown, the creeping dread so familiar to his ill-fated protagonists, the horror that overwhelms. and it is this uncertainty and lurking fear we would like to instil in the audience in our immersive production.We hope to truly unsettle, but also to give vent that excitement which many Lovecraft fans have about being members of a conspiracy or cult (of Cthulhu for example).”

Also making its premiere at the festival is “The Thing on the Doorstep,: Asenath’s Tale,” T.L. Wiswell’s second Lovecraft adaptation. “I started tinkering with gender in Lovecraft two years ago. Lovecraft himself didn’t really write stories about women, but I wanted to see more women on stage so I thought, pfft, he’s out of copywright, let’s show the old misogynist how we do it in the 21st century. I also thought, as a fan, there was surely enough flexibility in the stories to accept change without stretching them too far and ‘Mountains of Madness’ proved this easily. A female led expedition to the Antarctic? Why not? And, unlike Guillermo del Toro, I actually got my production made.

I was inspired by the quality of the women who auditioned for Mountains … there is just so much talent out there … and I wanted to make another play with female protagonists, but just a two hander. I settled on “The Thing on the Doorstep,” which as written is narrated by a man, Daniel Upton, with a weak willed pal, Edward Denby. Denby is interested in the occult and, well, he marries the daughter of a necromancer. Asenath Waite is a minor character in the story, but I became intrigued by her. What would it be like to grow up as an only child with your father constantly telling you you weren’t good enough because you were a girl? What would that do to you? And as I started thinking about Asenath, I started thinking about what her best friend would be like, and what it would be like to get married to someone just to please your parents. Before I knew it, I had written a very different story. I’ve tried to follow the original plot of “Doorstep,” but it’s been turned inside out, because what I needed to do in the end was make a good play, not adhere strictly to Lovecraft’s work. Essentially what I’ve done is add to the mythos. I’m planning on writing a short story that is truly “Asenath’s Tale” that goes up to the point in “The Thing on the Doorstep” where Asenath dies so they whole thing can fit together seamlessly for hard-core Lovecraft purists.

“As it’s turned out, I have actually cast this play from the “Mountains” team, so if you come Thursday or Friday to “Asenath’s Tale,” you can see two of the performers (Natalie Morgan and Erin Wilson) who will be doing Mountains of Madness on Saturday and Sunday. We all expect to be exhausted by Monday, but I’ve got rooms booked in Arkham Asylum for the five of us (including Cathy Conneff, who’s playing the lead in Mountains).”


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Ginger Nuts of Horror's first News blast of 2018 is now here, read on for music, book and film news from the horror genre.  If you would like your news item included in one of these round ups details on how to do so can be found at the end of the article 

JUNK RELEASES A double soundtrack 

Texas rock trio JUNK, fronted by actor Billy Blair, have unleashed their new EP entitled ‘Double Soundtrack’ today Friday, January 5th, 2018. Junk recently inked a worldwide deal with Zombie Shark Records, the new record label from Noah "Shark" Robertson (Motograter, The Browning).

JUNK is fronted by guitarist and vocalist, Billy Blair (Surgeon General, Mother Truckin Skull Diggers, Earshot, Love Stricken Demise) who is also a prolific actor and has appeared in such films as Machete, Machete Kills, The Last Stand, Jonah Hex, and Sin City: A Dame To Kill For. Blair recently landed a role in Alita: Battle Angel, an upcoming American science fiction action film based on Yukito Kishiro's Battle Angel Alita manga, set to be released on July 20, 2018.

The three-piece is rounded out by bassist and vocalist, Benjamin K. Bachman (Never Mind The Darkness, Zativah Kid), who has also produced various solo albums and material for film, and drummer Brian “Boog Nasty” (July Alley, Shadow Reichenstein).

Blair states, "We are beyond pleased to be a part of a label that believes in its bands and has our backs.. and that label is Zombie Shark Records! Horror movies and rock n roll in a gift bag!"

The band takes influence from a wide range of artists such as Billy Idol, SOUNDGARDEN, Danzig, INXS, Doobie Brothers, and Alice In Chains and has shared the stage with bands such as Skid Row, Dokken, Faster Pussycat, and Steel Panther.

The band recently recorded two songs, "Like Lightning" and "Built to Last", produced by Grammy Award winner Tre Nagella at Luminous Sound Studios in Dallas, TX. Both tracks are featured on the soundtrack to the film BLOOD SOMBRERO, starring Billy Blair.

The band's latest singles, "Pop Rock Genocide" and “The Sasquatch”, were recorded and produced at Soundhaven Studios in Rockwall, TX by Jason Schauer and mixed by Travis Wyrick (P.O.D.,10 Years, Shinedown). The songs will be featured in the upcoming horror/comedy movie, CHEROKEE CREEK.
Artwork for ‘Double Soundtrack’ provided by Ashley Box.

Watch the band’s latest official music video for “Pop Rock Genocide” here

​'Double Soundtrack’ is available at www.zombieshark.net 
www.zombiesharkrecords.com | www.facebook.com/Junktx
And everywhere else music is sold!

Take a bite out of Bad Apples this February!

They're Rotten to the Core.

On Halloween night, two malevolent children terrorize a young innocent couple in their home, subjecting them to a Halloween they will never forget in Bad Apples, premiering on VOD this February from Uncork’d Entertainment.

It’s Halloween night, and two “bad apples” decide to play some wicked tricks on the one house in a suburban cul-de-sac that is not celebrating Halloween. They terrorize a young couple in their home and these tricks become increasingly more sinister as the night progresses, finally ending in a Halloween the entire neighborhood will never forget.

Brea Grant (“Dexter”, A Ghost Story), Graham Skipper (Beyond the Gates), Andrea Collins (The Hospital) and Danielle Reverman (Infernal) star in a Bryan Coyne film, out 6/2 on VOD.

Rituals of Black Magic​: Dominus Inferi​

“Dominus Inferi” is the first official video from Deathless Legacy’s fourth album “Rituals of Black Magic”. Highly marked with occult symbols and viewpoints, it represent a modern tribute of Alejandro Jodorowsky’s “The Holy Mountain”, and Kenneth Anger’s “Lucifer Rising”. It also visually represents Friedrich Nietzsche’s moral idea of immorality proper of the Übermensch, and the journey a potential Übermensch has to face in order to actually become one.

The band’s journey depicts a girl who goes through a journey where she had to carry up on a mountain an heavy, human form load. The scenes of her labors alternate with those of a Yellow, hellish figure flanked by six black-masked ones. After having lost everything the girl used to know about her life and having discovered what she is carrying, she desperately runs, destroyed and in pain, with no more reference points.
The Yellow figure and the six black ones help her finding her answers. She joins their self-decomposition by accepting her menstrual blood to be the sickening communion of the Yellow figure, who takes off the mask and drives her mad. She becomes “one of them”, leaving every moral lessons of her past life behind her back.
“In Nomine Dominus Inferi” is not ancient Roman Latin, but a Medieval vernacular expression. It represents the voluntary distortion of the language of the Church of Rome that witches and warlocks used to fight back against their impositions, and horrible acts. It proudly represents the main core of the song, and it is meant to be that distinct.

The Nursery Inks Distribution Deal with Uncork’d

The indie horror film The Nursery has officially signed a distribution deal with respected genre distributor Uncork’d Entertainment. The deal, which makes Uncork’d both the North American distributor and international sales agent for The Nursery, was finalized this week. The Nursery is expected to be released in late spring or early summer of 2018.

            “Uncork’d is very excited to pick up The Nursery and get it out there for horror fans to see,” said Keith Leopard, President of Uncork’d Entertainment. “It’s a great, old school style horror flick that genre fans are really going to enjoy.”

The Nursery has made fan outreach and engagement a priority during development and production of the film, using social media to share production updates and behind-the-scenes photos, exclusive stills, and more fan-friendly content throughout the filmmaking process. Horror fans have responded enthusiastically by helping The Nursery build a huge social following of more than 60,000 Facebook fans. Find The Nursery’s Facebook page at: 


and its website at


The Nursery is an independent horror movie inspired by genre standouts like Halloween, Phantasm, and House of the Devil. When a damaged college sophomore babysits for a family with a tragic history, she finds herself stalked by a sinister presence and haunted by ghosts from her own past. Soon, she and her friends must confront the angry spirit hunting them down one-by-one on a deliberate march towards its ultimate prey.

Uncork’d Entertainment’s upcoming releases include Matt Mitchell’s The Rizen, on VOD in January, Lou Simon’s 3, due for release in 2018, and the highly-anticipated Jurassic Games from Gremlin director Ryan Bellgardt.

The Devil's Well, full to the top brick with with bloodcurdling chills, out this January

This January, Hell is just below the surface.

Get your first big scare of the New Year with Kurtis Spieler’s spine-chilling The Devil’s Well, on DVD 1/23 from Wild Eye Releasing.

Karla Marks mysteriously vanishes while conducting a paranormal investigation with her husband into the Devil's Well, an underground location reported to be a gateway straight into hell, and the site of ongoing strange phenomenon. A year after her disappearance, a group of investigators go back to uncover the truth about Karla, and are faced with evil forces greater than they ever imagined.

Winner of the Gold Award at the Spotlight Horror Film Awards, and featuring a superb line-up including Bryan Manley Davis (Sheep Skin), Chris Viemeister (Bridge and Tunnel), David Alexander (Thelema the Equinox Diaries), Kristen Seavey (“Nightwing: Escalation”), and Anne-Marie Mueschke (“Siberia”), The Devil’s Well is full to the top brick with bloodcurdling chills. Look for it 1/23 on DVD.


Ramskull is a new Scottish horror novel by William Meikle.

In this one you'll find a remote Scottish island, some baffled cops, bloody mayhem, a bar, an ancient Ram's skull, dank caves, some whisky, another bar, Oban, some mad monks, a lighthouse, and more whisky.

Willie says...

"It's a return home for me after a few years writing Newfoundland based stories, and it's a back-to-my-roots thing that runs in my head like a Hammer Horror, with blood so red it almost glows, screams so high they tear the top of your head off, and stoic rural workers doing what needs to be done against a terrible peril rearing up out of the past."

When Sergeant Dave Wilkes and his constable, John Campbell, are called out to a remote island, it is to investigate a simple case of sheep worrying, what they think is a routine job. But upon arrival at Leita, they find the community to be empty, the shops and houses lying quiet. Before too long, they find disturbing evidence of violence and mayhem.




<![CDATA[IN CASE YOU MISSED IT:  THAT WAS THE GINGER NUTS WEEKS THAT WAS]]>Sat, 06 Jan 2018 05:22:55 GMThttp://gingernutsofhorror.com/news/in-case-you-missed-it-that-was-the-ginger-nuts-weeks-that-was
It's been a bit of a quiet week at Ginger Nuts of Horror, what with The New Year, Birthdays and even a funeral or two the site has reduced the number of posts going live.  However that's not to say that the site has posted some great articles, so in case you may missed some of them in the post New Year malaise, here is a round up of all the posts on Ginger Nuts of Horror this week.  


Shout at the Devil
Devil Kickers by Daniel Marc Chant and Vincent Hunt is a riotously good slice of pulp horror fiction that comes across like the demented word offspring of Father Ted doing The Exorcist meets Peter Jackson and The Evil Dead thrown in for good measure. It’s one of those books that you’ll devour in one sitting and end up with a big grin plastered across your...

(click here to read the full review) 


As a big fan of the pulp genre myself, I was not disappointed. Many of the classic pulp tropes are here. We have the troubled cop, fallen from grace and seeking redemption. We have the beautiful, naïve woman in over her head and in need of protection. We have the giant monsters, hungry for flesh and lurking just beneath the city. We have the dirty politician with his grubby mits deep in underhanded dealings. We have the token victims: criminals and vagrants hiding out in the sewers...

(click here to read the full review)


Don’t, just don’t okay! Don’t do it, you’ll regret it, trust me, I wouldn’t lie to you.
It is 1955 and Frances Day is being dragged down a hallway by some lumbering brute whose head is entirely bandaged, she is semiconscious and coming around rapidly. Within the first few minutes things take a turn for the brutal with Francis fighting back, defeating her captor and smashing his head in with a rock, it seems as if she’s hitting him so hard and so often that it would be hard to believe there was anything left of his head.

​(click here to read the full review) 


Since we're just past the festive season, let's talk about food, shall we?

Eating and food seems to be a pretty popular theme in extreme horror. We of course have Blood Feast (original and pending remake), Feast and its two sequels, Eat, Gnaw, Bite and many more besides. Of course many of those movies touch on cannibalism – Eat played particularly well with the theme of self-cannibalism – but here is a movie that is far more about food in its wider sense. It's also a withering condemnation of the role of the critic and the reviewer, so I'd best tread a little carefully with what I say...

(click here to read the full review) 


Secondly, Daniels is a screaming, hysterical mess and an insult to Ripley. You can’t help but compare them, and dear lord… how the mighty protagonists have fallen. Ripley would have been commanding the others and navigating Franco’s rescue, whereas Daniels throws herself on his chamber whilst screaming and crying and actually gets in the way of saving him. Not even Shaw from Prometheus is this useless. Goddamnit, now Alien: Covenant has made me find a redeeming feature in Prometheus.

​(click here to read the full review) 


Kelly Charron is the author of YA and adult horror, psychological thrillers and urban fantasy novels. All with gritty, murderous inclinations and some moderate amounts of humor. She spends far too much time consuming true crime television (and chocolate) while trying to decide if yes, it was the husband, with the wrench, in the library. Kelly has a degree in English Literature as well as a Social Work degree. She has worked as a hairstylist, youth outreach worker and education assistant. She lives with her husband and cat, Moo Moo, in Vancouver, British Columbia.

(click here to read the full interview) 


Happy New year to all of our readers, last year was a, despite the events that happened around the world and in the genre a pretty great year for Ginger Nuts of Horror.  The site has continually shown a month to month rise in the number of visitors and consistent growth in the social media reach of the website.    Last month saw a four week period where the social media reach on Twitter alone broke through the 1 million mark, with a peak of 1.6 million during the week leading up to Christmas, despite the site going into its yearly reduced posting holiday. With 3600 facebook followers and close to 14,000 Twitter Followers, and growing it's a great sign that the website is healthy, and more importantly, a great sign that Ginger Nuts is a great tool to promote horror. 

click here to find out more about what we can do 


Ginger Nuts of Horror is now on Patreon, it's move I have resisted doing for such a long time, but now with the annual web hosting fees looming and  the knowledge that yet again the costs of the running the site will have jumped up by some crazy amount, it was a case of either do or die.  Rather than dying and closing the site down we have set up a patreon page, it is still in its infancy but even a donation of $1 would be gratefully received.  

There will be exclusive content, early first look content, such as our review of the worst book I have ever read, giveaways ( such as the signed book giveaway from Matt Shaw if we reach our first target) plus we have giveaways lined up from Chad Clark and Kit Power, and so much more in the pipeline.  
Please take the time to check out our page, and even if you can't afford to donate please consider sharing the page on your social media network.  

click here to check out the page 
<![CDATA[CROSSING THE BORDER WITH GINGER NUTS OF HORROR'S NEWS BLAST]]>Wed, 20 Dec 2017 10:37:32 GMThttp://gingernutsofhorror.com/news/crossing-the-border-with-ginger-nuts-of-horrors-news-blast
The last Ginger Nuts of Horror's News blast before Christmas is a special book only edition, filled with news about books you can purchase for last minute gifts and some that you can spend your Christmas money on in the new year.  

The Border by Robert McCammon FINALLY AVAILABLE IN THE UK 

Robert McCammon's rather excellent The Border is finally available as a  mass market kindle edition in the UK.  Previously only available as a limited edition hardback from Subterranean Press, this excellent novel which had Ginger Nuts of Horror's Tony Jones raving about it in this review is an ideal pre Christmas Gift for yourself.  

World Fantasy award-winning, bestselling author Robert McCammon makes a triumphant return to the epic horror and apocalyptic tone reminiscent of his books 
Swan Song and Stinger in this gripping new novel, The Border, a saga of an Earth devastated by a war between two marauding alien civilizations. 

But it is not just the living ships of the monstrous Gorgons or the motion-blurred shock troops of the armored Cyphers that endanger the holdouts in the human bastion of Panther Ridge. The world itself has turned against the handful of survivors, as one by one they succumb to despair and suicide or, even worse, are transformed by otherworldly pollution into hideous Gray Men, cannibalistic mutants driven by insatiable hunger. Into these desperate circumstances comes an amnesiac teenaged boy who names himself Ethan—a boy who must overcome mistrust and suspicion to master unknowable powers that may prove to be the last hope for humanity's salvation. Those same powers make Ethan a threat to the warring aliens, long used to fearing only each other, and thrust him and his comrades into ever more perilous circumstances. 

A major new novel from the unparalleled imagination of Robert McCammon, this dark epic of survival will both thrill readers and make them fall in love with his work all over again.

                                                                                   PURCHASE A COPY HERE 


The sequel to the hugely popular VS anthology for animal welfare, VS:X brings together Extreme Horror heavyweights in a head-to-head battle for world domination. Who writes the best Extreme Horror: the US or the UK? Judged by horror enthusiasts and you: the reader.

VS:X is available now on Amazon for £12.67 (paperback) £0.99 (ebook), and includes stories from Jack Ketchum, Wrath James White, Michael Bray, William Malmborg, Rich Hawkins, Kit Power, Jasper Bark, and many others.



Gil Valle, the former NYPD patrol cop who rose to infamy in 2012 after he was wrongfully arrested by the feds for allegedly plotting to kidnap, cook, and eat women, fleshes out his fantasies in his debut novel, A Gathering of Evil, serving up a feast of gut-churning horror.

Sarah McConnell and Jennifer Miller are two young, attractive New Yorkers leading seemingly normal lives. Unbeknownst to them, they have been targeted by a group of wealthy and violent sadists, who meet through the Dark Web and share some rather unusual and deviant sexual desires, along with a desire to turn those twisted fantasies into reality.

Marilyn and Bruce, the wealthy couple from upstate New York who have organized the event, have gathered this group of people from all different backgrounds and brought them together through a common bond: The lust and desire to kidnap a young woman and brutally end her life. The hunt is on. Will the prey survive this gathering of evil?

About the Author

Gil Valle is a former NYPD patrol cop who rose to infamy in 2012 after he was wrongfully arrested by the feds for allegedly plotting to kidnap, cook, and eat women. He became known to the world as the “Cannibal Cop” and faced life in prison. Valle has since been completely exonerated of all wrongdoing. In February of 2017 he released the critically acclaimed Raw Deal — a memoir about his ordeal and the criminal case.

"An unflinching, downright scary memoir of injustice from a man whose penchant for morbid role-plays landed him in prison. Gil Valle's sick, sexual, sometimes silly online chats were used against him by the feds, and he was convicted of masterminding an improbable conspiracy of cannibals that stretched across three continents. The outrageous prosecution cost him nearly everything he had—but now, finally, Valle has found a way to write his story for himself." —Daniel Engber, Columnist for Slate Magazine

"Raw Deal, co-written with Brian Whitney, is an engrossing and very well-written book that shows a different side to the Valle who became a vilified punchline. Aside from the lurid subject matter, the book is important because it describes an apparent real-life case of the Orwellian nightmare of being persecuted and put on trial simply for “thought crime”.  —Christine Colby, Managing Editor of CrimeFeed.com

"This has to be one of the most fascinating and disturbing cases I've ever looked into. Disturbing not because of what he said, but because he was almost put in prison for life for his thoughts." —Journalist Melkorka Licea, New York Post

Gil Valle resides in Queens, NY with his two dogs Dudley and Tyson. He has appeared on Inside Edition, Crime Watch Daily with Chris Hansen, People Magazine, Cracked.com, Slate, The New York Post, The New York Daily News, The New York City Crime Report, True Murder with Dan Zupansky, and many other places.


For more information check ut Comet Press's Website 
And Gil Valle's facebook Page 

Angel of the Underground by David Andreas 

"David Andreas was a super-talented contributor to Fangoria during its glory gory days. His fiction debut bodes well for readers of unique and scary horror."
--Tony Timpone, former editor, Fangoria magazine

When three children in a Catholic group home are brutally murdered, the survivors are hurried into separate foster homes across Long Island. Robin Hills, a fifteen-year-old who has spent the past several years under religious care, is thrust into a new, dysfunctional family with no spiritual beliefs. No longer protected by the religion and the nun she had come to love, Robin is completely alone and enveloped in fear.

As the murders continue and Robin fears she may become the next victim, her faith increasingly falters. However, she finds solace in a budding friendship with Dennis, a boy her age living in her new foster home. Dennis’s kindness, his acceptance of Robin, and his bravery in the face of evil--born of his passion for horror movies--combine to reassure her that she'll survive the killings.
Armed with this new friendship and fueled by a rage she finally discovers within herself, Robin finds the courage and self-reliance to confront the darkest aspects of human depravity.

                                                                           PURCHASE A COPY HERE 

<![CDATA[GINGER NUTS OF HORROR'S NEWS BLAST 13 DEC 2017]]>Wed, 13 Dec 2017 00:00:00 GMThttp://gingernutsofhorror.com/news/ginger-nuts-of-horrors-news-blast-13-dec-2017THE EVIL WITHIN: THE INTERLUDEPicture
A brand new nightmare for Detective Sebastian Castellanos in this bloodcurdling interquel comic series based on Bethesda Softworks’ critically acclaimed survival-horror franchise, The Evil Within.

Still reeling from the horrific events that took place at Beacon Mental Hospital and the apparent death of his daughter, Detective Sebastian Castellanos is a man on the edge. Now a brand new case threatens to further test his sanity, as Sebastian finds himself thrown back into a world of nightmares and bloody violence!

Writer: Ryan O'Sullivan
Artists: Szymon Kudranski, Damien Worm
Publisher: Titan Comics
HC, $16.99, 64pp, On sale: December 19
ISBN: 9781785863295


ToyBoys, Inc. Movies, reciently premiered Mirada de Cristal (Crystal Eyes) -a Giallo movie- at the Mar del Plata International Film Festival and the Buenos Aires Rojo Sangre Film Festival, both with great reception from the audience 

"Buenos Aires, 1985.
It's the first anniversary of the death of Alexis Carpenter, the unstable supermodel who died tragically when she was set on fire while closing a runaway show.
Lucia L'uccello - Editor-in-Chief of the most important magazine in Buenos Aires - chooses supermodels Eva Lantier and Irene del Lago to honor Alexis on the cover of the anniversary issues dedicated to the famous model. The night before the photo shoot, Alexis's original dresses that were going to be used by the models are stolen. From that moment, members of the important fashion magazine and the agency begin to disappear, one by one, at the hands of a stealthy, sinister female silhouette in a long black leather raincoat.

Is someone seeking revenge? Or has Alexis returned from the grave?"

One of Us “She Wanted In. Now She’s Dying to Get Out.”

One of Us is a thriller involving a lost friend and reclusive cult. When journalist Melanie Roberts goes to the Ascension Family Commune, she finds herself in too deep and Haley nowhere to be found. One of Us was directed by Blake Reigle (Beneath the Surface, 2007). As well, the film stars: Christa B. Allen (Youth in Revolt), Derek Smith (Euogilia), Carly Schroeder, Chasty Ballesteros and Ashley Wood. This shocking title will show at online DVD retailers, this December, through Monarch Home Entertainment.
The story focuses on Melanie (Allen). She is desperate to find Haley (Lisseth Chavez). But, she is soon enamoured by a charismatic cult leader. Haley’s disappearance grows more mysterious as the other cult members reveal nothing of her membership. Though, it becomes obvious that Haley has met a gruesome fate at the hands of this murderous cult.
Monarch Home Entertainment will bring One of Us to DVD, mid-December. The release date is scheduled for December 12th. The film has not been rated and will be released in this format. And, fans of horror or of thrillers can see the film, for themselves, in just a few days!
Official synopsis: On a mission to find her friend, investigative journalist Melanie Roberts tracks down the Ascension Family Commune and goes undercover to discover what exactly is happening there. Under the pretense of joining, she meets the charismatic leader and charms her way into the cult. But her friend Haley isn't there; and the other women are silent about her disappearance. Dark secrets are buried in the soil of the commune, and though she doesn't know it, Melanie is already in too deep.
Street Date: December 12th, 2017 Rating: Not Rated SRP: $19.95 Genre: Thriller Cat #: MHV 7962 UPC: 723952079626 Run Time: 85 Minutes.

Director: Blake Reigle.

Cast: Christa B. Allen, Derek Smith, Carly Schroeder, Chasty Ballesteros and Ashley Wood.
More details at Monarch: https://www.monarchhomeent.com/m/One_of_Us
Available for purchase: https://www.amazon.com/One-Us-Derek-Smith/dp/B075YLTGMS/

The Playground on VOD 12/8 from Uncork’d Entertainment.​

Based on a terrifying true story

A provincial town in Poland. The final day of school. A seemingly normal day in life of three ordinary elementary school students. This day however eventually culminates in shocking and terrifying events.
Uncork’d Entertainment releases terrifying true story The Playground on VOD 12/8.
From writer-director Bartosz M. Kowalski comes a disturbing and captivating portrait of teen violence that’s taken the world by storm.

Final day of school in a small Polish town. It's the very last chance for 12-Year-Old Gabrysia to tell her classmate that she had fallen in love with him. She sets up a secret meeting and blackmails her love interest to show up. But what was supposed to be an intimate talk spins out of control and this seemingly normal day in life of three ordinary elementary school students culminates in shocking and terrifying events.

The Creptter Children Premieres New Music Video

Australian gothic/industrial hard rock outfit The Creptter Children has released their first music since "Watching You" on Halloween 2016. The band has just premiered the title track from their forthcoming Asleep With Your Devil EP that will be released January 12th on Imminence Records. The forthcoming five track EP will also feature a new version of "Watching You."

"Asleep With Your Devil to me is just the beginning of oeuvre and artistic expression that will follow. This new EP offers fans a tantalising sample of the direction The Creptter Children’s musical journey will take them too in the future. After spending many long nights working very hard in the studio on this EP, I was quite pleased to hear the end result. As an artist I can be my own worse critic and will always pick out my flaws. However, I can say I was rather content with the final product and look forward to the next endeavour. My mind never sleeps and I ‘am putting together new song ideas as we speak.” - Iballa Chantelle (Vocalist)
Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram
Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | YouTube | MerchNow


<![CDATA[MONSTERS AND NUNS HAVE FUN WITH TIME LOOPS, IN HOSPITALS, CREEKS AND THE WOODS]]>Thu, 07 Dec 2017 00:00:00 GMThttp://gingernutsofhorror.com/news/monsters-and-nuns-have-fun-with-time-loops-in-hospitals-creeks-and-the-woods


From the best selling world of Kim Newman's Anno Dracula comes this all-new comic book sequel to his best selling novel, Anno Dracula

1895. Prince Dracula has ruled Great Britain for ten years, spreading vampirism through every level of society. On the eve of Dracula’s Jubilee, radical forces gather to oppose the tyrant. Kate Reed, vampire journalist and free-thinker, takes a seat on the revolutionary Council of Seven Days, though she learns that the anarchist group harbors a traitor in its midst. The Grey Men, Dracula’s dreaded secret police, have been ordered to quash all resistance to the rule of the arch-vampire. With intrigue on all sides, the scene is set for an explosive addition to the Anno Dracula series.

Amazon Link / Website Link

Terror Films Expands the Availability of Two Mythical Creature Documentaries

Terror Films, in association with documentary filmmaker Seth Breedlove, is widening the platform availability of two creature myth documentaries. The documentaries are titled: BOGGY CREEK MONSTER and THE MOTHMAN OF POINT PLEASANT. Both films will begin their release expansion on Tuesday, November 21st. 

BOGGY CREEK MONSTER documents the legend of the Fouke Monster - a creature first reported on in the early 1970's in Fouke, Arkansas. There are allegations that this Bigfoot type creature attacked a local family and then destroyed livestock. Later many more sightings were reported and a legend was born! 

THE MOTHMAN OF POINT PLEASANT deals with a different monster that was originally sighted near Point Pleasant, West Virginia. In 1966, multiple townspeople reported seeing "a large flying man with ten-foot wings whose eyes glowed red." Legend claims that the Mothman is responsible for the 1967 collapse of the Silver Bridge that killed 46 people. It still roams somewhere to this day.
Both of these documentaries were written, edited and directed by Seth Breedlove as part of his Small Town Monsters series. They are both available now, for viewing on most digital platforms. 

In their ongoing effort to bring the best and most diverse indie horror content to the masses, Terror Films will release these films across multiple digital platforms. North American platforms include:  iTunes, Google Play/YouTube and X-Box Live. This release will be followed up by another,  a worldwide digital release through iFlix.  The genre distributor is sharing the official posters and trailers for these documentaries here: 


The official THE MOTHMAN OF POINT PLEASANT trailer: 

A homepage for the films: http://smalltownmonsters.com/

For more information on Terror Films, visit: www.terrorfilms.net

And here: www.facebook.com/TerrorFilmsLLC/

Horror Icon Danielle Harris Races Against Time 

Zorya Films and Millman Productions are putting scream queen Danielle Harris under the knife with the December 1st theatrical release of Christopher Lawrence Chapman's Inoperable.  Harris (Halloween 4 & 5, Rob Zombie's Halloween, the Hatchet franchise) stars as Amy, a hospital patient who must battle nature and the supernatural before she ends up trapped for eternity.  Chapman directed from a script he co-wrote with producer Jeff Miller.  Inoperable will open December 1st in Los Angeles, New York, Atlanta, Houston, Phoenix, Tampa, Miami, Orlando, Cleveland and Minneapolis for weeklong runs.
​A young woman wakes up in a seemingly evacuated hospital with a hurricane approaching. She realizes the storm has awakened malevolent forces, trapping her in a time loop. She must escape the hospital before the storm passes or she will be trapped in its halls forever.


New documentary about the fabled “Flatwoods Monster” of West Virginia to be released next April

In 1952 five children were playing football in a small town called Flatwoods, WV when a strange object appeared above them. Streaking across the sky, they watched it crest a nearby hill, slow and then descend just over the top of the ridge. What followed after their sighting has become one of the most infamous local legends ever recorded. That night, seven area residents encountered a hovering, mechanical monstrosity that was described by area newspapers as “glowing” “Frankenstein-like” and breathing fire. The event helped shepherd in the 50s obsession with flying saucers and alien lifeforms and the “Green Monster” (one of three named given to the creature) has become a pop-culture figure in the decades to follow.

In the years since their brush with the “Flatwoods Monster”, witnesses have seen their story evolve from a terrifying, true-life event to little more than a fable. Now, two of the original witnesses will set the record straight on just what it was they saw that warm, September evening when a new documentary titled The Flatwoods Monster: A Legacy of Fear, is unveiled next April. Ahead of the film’s release, the first teaser has arrived featuring clips of interviews with witnesses, and Flatwoods residents. Included alongside the trailer are the official poster by acclaimed horror artist, Sam Shearon, as well as two alternate takes on the monster itself by Mark Randall and Brandon Scalf. Each poster gives a unique, alternative view of the creature; indicative of the direction the movie itself will take in examining the constantly-changing portrayal of what was seen.

The film is being released by the award-winning, Small Town Monsters production company, who are responsible for last Spring’s, “The Mothman of Point Pleasant”; another documentary centered around a well-known West Virginia legend. “Flatwoods” is directed and written by Seth Breedlove, director of the award-winning Boggy Creek Monster. The film features an original score composed by Brandon Dalo and cinematography by Zachary Palmisano with special FX by Santino Vitale and fully animated sequences by Chris Scalf.

The Flatwoods Monster will be released on DVD and Amazon next April with a wider digital release planned thereafter. The film will be part of Small Town Monsters’ annual Kickstarter campaign which will be used to fund post-production on “Flatwoods”, as well as two additional films (all to be released in 2018) when it launches on January 25th. Plans are in place to screen the movie prior to it’s release at HorrorHound Cincinnati, being held March 23-25th, 2018 . The official premiere will be held at the Elk Theater in Sutton, WV on April 7th with members of the Small Town Monsters crew taking part in a Q&A following the showing.

A Facebook event page has been launched for the Kickstarter campaign to fund the next three STM movies… https://www.facebook.com/events/1474221179322503/

To learn more about the movie, as well as other “STM” productions visit http://smalltownmonsters.com

Sodom & Chimera Opens The Temple of Lilith Arthouse Short Streaming Now
Companion Piece Sulphur for Leviathan to Premiere Next Year

Following an exciting festival run for their first feature Flesh of the Void, Sodom & Chimera has unveiled The Temple of Lilith, a new short for an unsuspecting public. The latest from experimental filmmaker James Quinn, The Temple of Lilith stars Hex Suicide from the Suicide Girls, and was shot on 16mm film. 

The score was created by Stephan Ortlepp's musical collective Musica Non Grata, who previously composed the score for Flesh of the Void. The Temple of Lilith also features music by the Canadian Doom Metal band Dopethrone.

After the last witch of the south became ashes, never to be remembered, the mother of darkness, Lilith, rises from the ground to harvest the fruits of deadly sin, and set an end to the holocaust of the saints, the religious pandemic that tried to enslave and ultimately annihilate her kind. Planting the seeds of the goat into her skull, she goes her way, on a quest of darkness, to open the gates of hell, become one with the lord of flies.

The Temple of Lilith is a companion piece to  Sulphur for Leviathan , a 13 minute arthouse film that Sodom & Chimera will release in 2018.

Sulphur for Leviathan revolves around a nun, who suddenly finds herself progressively fantasizing about things that shouldn't be in her head, increasingly having to face her own doings of blasphemy, all leading up to something demonically dark and sinister. Portrayed in a surreal manner both in color and black and white, with a heavy focus on elegant cinematography, the film tells a satanic tale of unfulfilled desires, lust, blasphemy and existential dread, packed in a controversial and disturbing, but calm and poetic experience that is heavily inspired by Andrei Tarkovsky, with a touch of satanism.

The Temple of Lilith Official Facebook: 
Sulphur for Leviathan Official Facebook: 
Sodom & Chimera Productions Official Facebook: 

James Quinn Facebook: 
Musica Non Grata Facebook: 
Musica Non Grata Website: 
Dopethrone Bandcamp: 


<![CDATA[TITAN COMICS TO PUBLISH BLOODBORNE COMICS – BASED ON THE CRITICALLY ACCLAIMED VIDEOGAME SERIES!]]>Wed, 06 Dec 2017 04:19:41 GMThttp://gingernutsofhorror.com/news/titan-comics-to-publish-bloodborne-comics-based-on-the-critically-acclaimed-videogame-series

New original comic adventures based in the eldritch world of the best-selling video game!
Discover the terrifying secrets of Old Yharnam in a brand-new Bloodborne comic series from Titan Comics, which spins out of JAPAN Studio and Fromsoftware’s critically-acclaimed Bloodborne videogame!
The Bloodborne videogame series debuted on PlayStation®4 in late March 2015. As announced at the SCEJA Press Conference 2015, Bloodborne went on to sell more than 2 million copies, as well as expanding the game world with an expansion DLC, “The Old Hunters” which launched on November 24, 2015. Nominated for eight Golden Joystick Awards, the blood-chilling videogame won “PlayStation®4 Game of the Year” and “Best Original Game” in 2015’s Golden Joystick Awards. 
In Titan Comics’ new Bloodborne: The Death of Sleep - written by Ales Kot (Generation GoneZero), with art by Piotr Kowalski (WolfensteinDark Souls) - a nameless Hunter awakens in an ancient city where horrific beasts stalk the shadows and the streets run slick with the blood of the damned. Seeking an escape from the endless Night of the Hunt, the Hunter embarks upon a dangerous, gore-filled quest with the hopes of ending Yharnam’s twisted endemic.
"Bloodborne is one of my all-time favorite games. I put close to two hundred hours into playing it and researching its universe, and that was before I even knew there would be a comic -- I was obsessed,” said Bloodborne writer Ales Kot, “I am honored to be working within the Bloodborne universe. There will be mystery, the weird, the eerie, the horrific and the bloody -- and there will be an undercurrent of decaying romanticism, walking hand in hand with brain-mashing, soul-cleaving action, together ascending towards the Blood Moon as drawn by the talented and depraved Piotr Kowalski. Ascend with us, Hunters old and new. And do remember -- one has to seek Paleblood to transcend the hunt."
Bloodborne: The Death of Sleep will be available to order from Diamond’s upcoming December edition of PREVIEWS Catalogue. Issue #1 is scheduled to hit comic stores and digital devices in February 2018!

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