Arrow Video has a very special treat in store for lovers of the macabre this FRIDAY, 25th April

We’re very pleased to be teaming up with SCI-FI-LONDON festival to present an evening of ghoulish delight, featuring the UK premiere of Canadian chiller BUNKER 6 alongside a screening of the underground-set zombie classic DAY OF THE DEAD! But that’s not the really scary part – in keeping with the bunker theme, the entire evening will unfold within the creepy confines of a genuine World War II bunker in Dalston, North East London. Have you got the guts to descend into the dark, dank recesses below the streets of the capital and face your gravest fears? And, assuming you make it that far, will you be able to hold onto those guts of yours when you encounter the flesh-hungry living dead which lurk deep in the bunker’s bowels???


TIME: 6:30PM

PLACE: ABBOT ST, LONDON E8 3DP (nearest tube Dalston Kingsland, Overground)


BUNKER 6 is the first feature film by writer / director Greg Jackson and producer Rebecca Sharratt19 year old Grace is not alone, but surrounded by loneliness in Bunker #6 the nuclear fall out shelter she's called home since the age of 9. When her mentor and father figure Lewis the bunker’s technician dies she's left to take charge of the mechanics. As things begin to breakdown all around her she must continue her struggle not just to survive, but to live. Where thoughts of the outside world beyond the heavy doors of the shelter could mean her demise and all those who remain with her.

Greg Jackson is writer and director in Halifax. Over the past 10 years he's written, directed, and produced several short works from animations to sci-fi to comedy. In 2011 he won the Audience Choice Award for his film "Christmas Compunction" at the $100 Film Festival, and in the same year was awarded the 10X10 RBC Emerging Artist Award for the music video, "Eden", at the Atlantic Film Festival. Greg has the foundation of many hard working years as an indie filmmaker and 2013 his first feature film will be produced for all to see!

Rebecca Sharratt is an Independent Producer, Production Manager, Post Production Supervisor, Production Coordinator and Collaborative Filmmaker. She has been working in the film industry in Halifax for over twelve years. Recently she was production manager for the television comedy seriesPicnicface airing on CTV’s Comedy Network and the feature film developed by the Picnicface producers Jay Dahl and Bill Niven, Roller Town due for release this year. In 2009 Rebecca teamed up with writer / director Eva Madden to produce her second short film What Remains through the CBC / Film NS Bridge Award and her company Off The Commons Productions Inc.What Remains has screened at the Atlantic Film Festival, the St. John’s International Women’s Film Festival and was officially selected to screen at the 2011 Los Angeles Women’s International Film Festival. Prior to What Remains, Rebecca produced a 35mm dramatic short film, Ugly Girl through the AFCOOP Film 5 program. Ugly Girl screened at the 2009 Sprockets Toronto International Film Festival for Children, was part of the En Route AirCanada selection of short films, and currently has distribution with Ouat Media.

Day of the Dead (also known as George A. Romero's Day of the Dead) is a 1985 horror film by director George A. Romero, the third of Romero's Living Dead movies. It is preceded by Night of the Living Dead and Dawn of the Dead. Steve Miner directed a remake which was released on February 15, 2008. Director George A. Romero describes the film as a "tragedy about how a lack of human communication causes chaos and collapse even in this small little pie slice of society".[1]

An undead apocalypse has ravaged the Earth whilst America's last surviving humans study them from within an underground military establishment. The survivors in the film are horrified at the prospect that they "are the only ones left", creating a crisis within human civilization over whether or not the idea of human society should be continued or abandoned. The living characters in the film are made up of three distinctive groups, each of whom have been given a task by the government - but since the government is no longer providing oversight (and may no longer exist) each group is becoming increasingly subject to temptations that go beyond their instructions. The scientists have been ordered to find a resolution to the epidemic but are tempted to violate nature's boundaries guarding life and death, soldiers who are assigned to protect the doctors appointed to study the zombies but are tempted to enforce fascistic martial law and destroy the specimens in an act of rebellion, and the civilians who are assigned to serve both groups with basic though necessary services like transportation and communication but are tempted to abandon the cause and, instead, live out their last days in reckless abandon.

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From F. R. Tallis, the highly-acclaimed author of The Sleep Room, and the gothic horror The Forbidden, comes a new spine-chilling psychological thriller, The Voices.Once you've heard them, you'll never forget them . .

In the scorching summer of 1976 - the hottest since records began - Christopher Norton, his wife Laura and their young daughter Faye settle into their new home in north London. The faded glory of the Victorian house is the perfect place for Norton, a composer of film soundtracks, to build a recording studio of his own.

But soon in the long, oppressively hot nights, Laura begins to hear something through the crackle of the baby monitor. First, a knocking sound. Then come the voices . . .

Frank Tallis is a writer and clinical psychologist. In 1999 he received a Writers' Award from the Arts Council of Great Britain and in 2000 he won the New London Writers' Award.In 2005 MORTAL MISCHIEF was shortlisted for the Ellis Peters Historical Dagger Award and for the Quais du Polar Award in France, 2007. FATAL LIES was longlisted for the International Thriller Writers' Best Paperback Award, 2010. DARKNESS RISING was runner up for the 2009 Medical Journalist's Association fiction award and shortlisted for the Elle Prix de Letrice in 2010. It was also shortlisted for an Anthony and an Edgar in 2011. DEADLY COMMUNION was shortlisted for an Edgar in 2012. The Liebermann books have been translated into fourteen languages and optioned for TV adaptation. Frank Tallis also writes horror and supernatural fiction as F.R.Tallis. THE FORBIDDEN (2012) THE SLEEP ROOM (2013) and THE VOICES (2014) are all published by Macmillan. For more information go to www.franktallis.com 


H.P. Lovecraft’s weird tales have inspired countless horror and fantasy writers and now the new Cthulhu Cymraeg anthology from Screaming Dreams Press features some brilliant Lovecraftian stories set in Wales. This free event featuring Lovecraftian author Q & A, panels, films and readings will give a chance to meet authors and artists from the anthology at first hand, to hear about Lovecraft’s life and work, and to explore Lovecraft’s connection to Wales from the days of Arthur Machen till the present day.

With Mark Howard Jones (editor of Cthulhu Cymraeg) and Steve Upham (Mr Screaming Dreams).

With anthology authors John Llewellyn Probert, Rhys Hughes, Bob Lock, Kate Evans, Paul Lewis, Gwilym Games, Brian Willis, and Adrian Chamberlin.

Held in the Discovery Room on the First Floor of Swansea Central Library.


Remember the passage of time may be subject to manipulation by cosmic forces beyond human conception.

10.05 - The Shadow from Wild Wales : H. P. Lovecraft, Arthur Machen and Wales

H.P. Lovecraft is one of the key figures in modern horror. After a short introduction to H.P Lovecraft’s life in New England and New York and his work this talk will look in particular at the Welsh author of decadent and mystical horror Arthur Machen, often cited as one of the main influences on H.P Lovecraft. How did Lovecraft find out about Machen, “a Titan” as he called him and how did it influence his own stories including The Call of Cthulhu itself? How has Wales featured in later mythos works and how have Welsh authors like Rhys Hughes approached the mythos? Is Wales as some have claimed the location of the dread Necronomicon? Illustrated talk by Machen expert Gwilym Games.

10.50 - The Spawning of Cthulhu Cymraeg 
This panel featuring the editor Mark Howard Jones, publisher Steve Upham and many authors from the anthology will discuss how the anthology was born and the twisted gestation of the stories within it. There will also be a chance to buy copies!

11.25 – Author Readings

12.00 - Lunch

12.30 – Author Readings

1.10 - The Call of Lovecraft – Lovecraft in the 21st century
What is the strange and growing attraction Lovecraft exerts on readers and writers? Countless writers have written Lovecraftian books and stories and his impact extends to inspiring films, comics, games, television and even religious and occult movements. After years of neglect and dismissal of Lovecraft as a pulp writer he is now regarded by publishers as a classic author and academic work on Lovecraft is becoming common. Why is this and where is modern mythos fiction going? How are we to judge the quality of Lovecraft’s own work and his followers? What are we to make of Lovecraft’s foul racism in a more tolerant age? Why do the works of the atheist Lovecraft inspire religious ideas? Discussing these and other questions the audience might throw at them is a panel featuring authors Rhys Hughes, Mark Howard Jones, Gwilym Games and others.

2.00 - The Technicolor out of the Screen
There have been rather a lot of Lovecraftian inspired films and adaptations of Lovecraft’s stories. Many of them are hideous abominations which test the sanity of any who might see them. In this mind blasting survey Gwilym Games and author John Llewellyn Probert will be reanimating some highlights of Lovecraftian cinema before your very EYES in a devastating montage of film clips and commentary. Watch if you dare!

2.50 Break

3.00 The Call of Cthulhu [Film]
Amongst other elements of tentacular terror there will be a rare chance to watch this silent classic! Trailer here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RKb0_rfZEsU

3.50 The END

We will be adjourning to The No Sign Wine Bar for drinks after the event where there will be a further chance to talk to authors.

From the Grimmfest website:

Ever dreamed of getting your movie in cinemas, on DVD and VOD platforms all around the world? We’ll here’s your chance. Read on to find out more.

Its that time of year again folks. Submissions are open and we’re looking for the best in Horror, Cult, Weird, and Fantastic movies for our early October festival. If you think this applies to your very own cinematic offspring, then we’d love to hear from you.

To submit a film you’ll need to download the submission form at the bottom of this page, fill out and post along with your short or feature length film.

“This year, for the first time, Grimm Up North, in partnership with Raven Banner Entertainment will be offering a very special competition for all submitted feature and short films”.

When you submit your film for festival consideration, you will also have the option of entering our Grand Jury Competition. The feature film winner will be afforded the incredible and unique opportunity of having their film distributed in the UK by Grimm Entertainment and sold internationally by esteemed genre specialist sales company, Raven Banner. We will also create a Grimmfest 2014 compilation of the best shorts for UK distribution.

NOTE: In entering your film into the distribution/sales competition you must have the authority to and agree to give GrimmFest permission to directly acquire all appropriate rights to your film. Exact agreements between all relevant parties can and will be clarified upon the film’s success in the competition. Grimm Up North will directly represent the title and arrange for domestic UK distribution and Raven Banner will serve as the film’s international sales agent, securing distribution deals in other territories across the world.

For further information, please download the appropriate submission form or contact the team: Info@GrimmFest.com with the subject line ’2014 Festival Competition Inquiry’.

To learn more, you’ll have to go to the Grimmfest website by clicking here.

Ellie doesn’t understand children. She doesn’t understand what they want or what makes them happy. She doesn’t understand why they’re so mean.

Adults are no better. Her mother spends her days consoling sad, lonely men, mysteriously easing their grief; men like Funeral Lou, lost in his own sorrow, tenderly embalming the dead.

Only Joseph offers Ellie a ray of hope, pointing to a brighter path through the darkness, his carved tiger a symbol of beauty in a morally ambiguous world. A world full of conflicted souls like Gregory, the man Ellie meets in the park, with the colourful, unusual fruit . . .

Strange Fruit is a haunting tale of a young girl’s coming-of age; a dazzling narrative of heartache and hope.


From the mind of Jonathan Wood, comes a selection of short tales and haunting flash fiction selected by the author, presented in a completely re-edited format for the very first time. 

From the grime of UK inner city housing estates to the dark deserted roads of Sweden and wilds of Ireland, comes a variety of short tales of horror, surrealism and urban nightmares. 

This is Urban Chiller


Jonathan Wood is an English Horror and Dark Fantasy Author who resides in Sweden. Jonathan is the author of a number of published short stories and his work has also appeared in digital formats for E-Readers and Kindle. Jonathan also reviews other authors and books in the horror and dark fantasy genre. In amongst fitness training and tennis, Jonathan also likes to dabble in a little photography, guitar playing and building custom gaming PC’s in his spare time.


From the author of the haunting Spiritus Series, comes an epic, mesmerizing novel of witchcraft and revenge.

Once again, she sweeps readers away with her spellbinding storytelling and the crafting of legend. Dana Michelle Burnett creates a reality of seductive witches, murder, revenge, and an ancient secret going back four centuries.

In a small Indiana town, alone in the dark, a man watches and waits...waiting to see if the stories are true about The Soul of the Witch.

It begins with two girls, the very best of friends with an amazing psychic bond. As children they were lonely outsiders, but now as adults, Devan and Janesa’s powers are growing stronger and more difficult to control. When a mysterious stranger comes to town offering to tell them a dark and magical secret about their past, they are thrown into an old battle they didn’t start, but one that threatens to claim their very lives.

Jealousy and suspicion threaten their lifelong bond as they set out to solve the mystery of their past and their budding supernatural powers. The novel moves from past to present from the small town of New Albany, to nineteenth century England, to the witch hunts in Ireland, and back again. A complex tale of seduction and evil unfolds--starting on a fateful night in the sixteenth century because of a forbidden love and a curse . . . A curse meant to punish and torment throughout the following centuries. 

Can they trust this stranger? Can they trust themselves as the dark secrets they learn threaten to tear them apart? Will the curse at last claim The Soul of the Witch?

Dana Michelle Burnett spent most of her life writing short stories and sharing them with family and friends. Over the years, her work was published in numerous commercial and literary magazines  including Just Labs, Mindprints: A Literary Journal, Foliate Oak, and many more.  Her short story John Lennon and the Chicken Holocaust was include in The Best of Foliate Oak 2006.  

Dana Michelle's Spiritus Series introduced the idea of a ghostly romance and became a Kindle bestselling series.  She's an avid reader of anything dark and romantic.  Dana Michelle lives in Southern Indiana with her dancing diva daughter and an assortment of pets.

Dana Michelle loves connecting with her readers.  You can find her at:

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Horror Writing Prize in memory of James Herbert is launched     

 ‘I didn’t plan to write horror; it just poured out of me’ James Herbert

To celebrate the life and career of one of the world’s best and most loved horror writers, Pan Macmillan and the estate of James Herbert have announced the launch of The James Herbert Award for Horror Writing.   

The announcement coincides with the fortieth anniversary of the first publication of The Ratsfor which Pan Macmillan will be releasing special anniversary paperback and collectors’ hardback editions in May and September respectively and which will contain an exclusive new introduction by Neil Gaiman. 

The prize, which will be awarded annually, aims to discover and publicise a new generation of horror authors working today and celebrate the boldest and most exciting talent in thegenre.  The winning author will receive a cheque for £2,000 and a specially-designed commemorative statuette.

The inaugural award will be open to horror novels written in English and published in the UK and Ireland between 1st January 2014 and 31st December 2014. Entries should be submitted to Pan Macmillan via their online submission form available atwww.jamesherbertaward.com by 1st October 2014.

James Herbert’s daughter, Kerry, will head up the panel of five judges whose names will be announced in the summer.

A shortlist of five novels will be announced in January 2015 with the winner announced at an awards ceremony in March 2015.

Eileen Herbert, James Herbert’s wife, says, “I was thrilled when Jeremy talked to me about this Award. Throughout his years as a storyteller Jim encouraged new and upcoming writers and I know he would be delighted and honoured that his name will continue this tradition.

“Thank you Pan Macmillan.”

Jeremy Trevathan, James Herbert’s long-time editor and Publisher, comments, “Whenever a giant in their field passes away it’s up to those left behind to find an appropriate way to mark the memory.  I’m so pleased that we will be remembering Jim in this way and I hope he would be happy and proud.”

 Year one of the award will be overseen in partnership with the Serendip Foundation, the administrative organisation responsible for the Arthur C. Clarke Award.   Serendip will work closely with Pan Macmillan and the judging panel as neutral third party organisers to establish and promote the award and ensure transparency throughout.

Serendip Director Tom Hunter said: “Being asked to be involved with the inaugural James Herbert Award is a huge honour for Serendip and a personal pleasure for me as a long-time fan of James Herbert’s work. Serendip’s mission has always been to promote great books, and we welcome the opportunity to help launch a major new award in this way.”



"If you've been paying attention, you know Terry Wright is on my mind a lot at the moment. Crossroad Press have done a brilliant thing, along withBarnes & Noble they're bundling three of Terry's series into bargain packs. The first, featuring his most famous novel A Manhattan Ghost Story (subject of the Book that made Me blog I just did for Jim Mcleod) and its two follow-ups just went live at B&N. If you're an epub reader, do the guy a solid... and if you're not, but know Nook owners, do them a favour and introduce them to an American original."

First Book: In "A Manhattan Ghost Story": A photographer, Abner Cray, goes to NYC to work on a "coffee table photo book" about Manhattan and encounters, in the apartment he's renting, a woman, Phyllis Pellaprat, with whom he falls in love. She has a dark secret, and so - it turns out - does the absent friend whose apartment he's using. As he loses, and searches for the woman he loves, he wanders streets filled with ghosts, memories, and dangers he never imagined.

Second Book: In "The Waiting Room": First-person narrator Sam Feary is one of Abner's lifelong friends and he's convinced that Abner, in his continuing quest for Phyllis Pellaprat--who's all-but left him entirely--will be lost forever in the world of the dead: he goes in search of Abner, embarking on a journey that is as weird as Abner's own.

Third Book: "A Spider on my Tongue": Abner, some twenty-five years older than when we previously heard from him--is living in a small house in the middle of dark woods somewhere in New York State. He's trying to escape the hold that the spirits of the dead (whom he now refers to as "the passing misery") have had on him for decades. He's convinced that Phyllis has still not left the earth entirely, and Sam Feary, as well, who has since died. Abner's first-person narration is very much a plea to be free of the clinging past and, at the same time, to continue to be part of it.


Terrance Michael (T.M.) Wright is best known as a writer of horror fiction, speculative fiction, and poetry. He has written over 25 novels, novellas, and short stories over the last 40 years. His first novel, 1978's Strange Seed, was nominated for a World Fantasy Award, and his 2003 novel Cold House was nominated for a Bram Stoker Award. His novels have been translated into many different languages around the world. His works have been reviewed by Kirkus Reviews, Publishers Weekly, Library Journal, Booklist, and many genre magazines.

His first publication was the non-fiction study of unidentified flying objects, entitled The Intelligent Man's Guide to Flying Saucers (currently available from Crossroad Press) in 1968 for AS Barnes. His seventh novel, A Manhattan Ghost Story, has had fourteen foreign editions and was optioned to be filmed in the 1980s.

He has written over forty short stories that have appeared in several magazines including Twilight Zone Magazine, PostScripts, Cemetery Dance, Flesh and Blood Magazine, UpState, and Brutarian. He has also painted book covers and done illustrations for magazines including Brutarian.


Award winning author Suzanne Church’s cast of distinct characters asks “What if?” in this collection of science fiction, fantasy, and horror short fiction.
Can humanity survive an ice age? Will the storm man steal Wanda’s baby? When will Bob and Sebbee escape the relentless march of the Lost Circle? What is the cause of the taint in Faya’s courted ice? If you can’t escape hell, can you at least afford a trip on a teleporting couch?
Church infuses emotion into every tale. Whether quirky or horrific, the prose deftly snatches the reader onto a whirlwind expedition of laughter and sorrow.


Suzanne Church is an Aurora Award winning author who lives in Ontario (the cold one in Canada) with her two teenaged sons. She is an outlier and a media junkie who when cornered becomes fiercely Canadian.

After attending A.C. Crispin’s writers’ workshop at Dragon*Con in Atlanta, Georgia in 2000, she focused on writing. Subsequently, she attended James Gunn’s writers’ workshop in Lawrence, Kansas in the summer of 2004 and she graduated from the Clarion South Science Fiction Writers’ Workshop in Brisbane, Australia in 2005.

“I wish I had more time
to play in the sun or hang with the kids,
to spend time with my partner,
to read, to write, to sleep.
Basically, I need more time.”
Her writing runs the gamut from horror to science fiction to fantasy, including several appearances in Tesseracts anthologies from Edge Science Fiction & Fantasy Publishing. Some of her more memorable characters include the inventor of couch teleportation devices and a few talking chickens.